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Our firm provides high quality legal advice and assistance as well as flexible approach to our clients’ problems and needs. We believe that the breadth of our experience obtained in Polish and international law firms and the way we work with our clients, enables us to offer more valuable service to our clients at a reasonable cost.
postępowanie upadłościowe
Legal opinions and expert advice
We prepare legal opinions and expert advice on regulations relating to banks and financial institutions, advice on requirements imposed by MIFID and EMIR, expert advice on recent trends in the EU legislation.
obsługa prawna firm
Commercial agreements
We advise on Polish and EU regulatory requirements in the financial sector ,help to negotiate agreements with business partners, carry out legal verification of the agreements, provide general advice on commercial matters.
restrukturyzacja zadłużenia
Financing of investment projects
We advise on sources of finance for investments, negotiate credit facilities and security instruments with banks; provide ongoing assistance with the projects.
rynki kapitałowe
Banking agreements and transactions
We negotiate credit facilities with Polish and foreign banks, provide comprehensive advice on legal requirements, carry out legal verification of financial agreements and security documents.
prawo spółek
Financial restructuring
Representing clients in the insolvency proceedings, advising on standstill agreements, on the rehabilitation proceedings, advising on bankruptcy risks.
doradztwo prawne
Capital markets
Advice on issue of bonds and other debt instruments, advice to investment funds, compliance with anti-money laundering rules, advising on legal issues relating to investments on foreign markets.
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